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Default wow...

I installed UT3 today. My PC runs about mid graphics settings but I haven't payed much attention to the graphics. Theres some annoying things Im going to disable but overall the game has been nice. A bit slower then UT99 or even 2k4 but nice none the less.

I think its going to turn my attention away from WoW more than CS could. Ill write up more later when I get some hours logged. It is making me bring out my wired mouse and keyboard.

EDIT: single player is a bit bland... Its the same as UT99 more or less. And theres also no Face map. Theres one like it, a lot like it but not enough. Nice try by Epic tho.

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I can't run it on any decent graphics settings.
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...we should start a rvs division. and then i can run it.
Originally Posted by FreemaN
Kudos is most likely the worst damn Counterstrike player i have ever seen. Hes like the weakest link of the game.
Originally Posted by IceBlade
Yeah that Kudos kid is fucking funny as a goat!
Originally Posted by KhaoZ \FA\
For sure kudos is one suckass dude.
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