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Hi guys
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Here it is

leaders: oTHE MESSIAHo /Eighteesix

Captain: ( to be named within the week)

Members: batman
FC commando

there is still 2 spots left that we would like to fill asap so messg a leader for tryouts

**also with much askingi am gonna see if we can make a thread private for planning and stratgey

We are 1-1 but it doesnt matter b.c. we havent even practiced yet!!

A CALENDER WILL BE OUT SOON WITH PRACTICE TIMES so stay posted as well as i will messg ppl on xbl when needed


Posted by: oTHE MESSIAHo
(09-17-2007 at 03:00 PM)

The website is coming along thanks to lhurgoyf and khaoz. It's almost in full swing for us to cling to. I want to get some rss feed going--maybe something from gamebattles. I also want to get our match info updated.

People need to join the CoD4 group to get access to the team forums etc. You do that in your user control panel. I'll add people who are supposed to be in the division.

Go play the beta, now! And if you haven't pre-ordered it yet, youre out of your mind. Get to it!

(09-17-2007 at 12:06 AM)

        MATCH REPORT 9/16 9PM
9/16 - 9PM
vs. Dirka Death Squad

we lost, plain and simple.

while we didnt perform too badly on DM, our lack of round wins in tactical was not acceptable. i can't say im totally surprised since we didnt really have any strategies (other than set pairs), we didnt have any 4x4 match experience, and we hadn't practiced at all.

i think its important to note that this team honestly wasnt all that impressive. we just werent ready, prepared, and mainly failed to execute most of the time. but we learned some important things. first, its imperative when playing Tactical to use the UAV JAMMER! i cannot stress that enough. this also means being conservative when firing your weapon, because it will give away your position. secondly, also on Tactical, I think its very important to equip the grenade launcher. and third, its important to know strategies and have them prepared for each map--offensive and defensive strategies.

that last one will come with time, be we need to be ready to be serious about focusing and practicing. let this be a learning match and a valuable lesson.

(09-16-2007 at 11:28 PM)

        No News
No News is good news
Posted by: System

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